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                About us

                NingBo Boxin Machinery Co.,Ltd is the Hong Kong-owned enterprise ,specialized in manufacturing high precision presses, since 2006! Our factory locates nearby the beautiful port---Beilun Ningbo.

                Boxin Presses adhering to aboard mature technology and advanced design, aim to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative, high quality and cost effective press machine. Since the cooperation with an American specialized presses company from 2012, Boxin got many support ideas from our partner and received great progress on design, accuracy require, quality and safety level. Which helped us invent more than 40 patents and exported machines to developed areas like Europe & north America Market.

                As a high level power press manufacture, we aim to improve the presses equipment technology and hold the manage concept as excellent quality & sincere service.


                02 2019.11


                BOXN punch - Kuala Lumpur Exhibition
                26 2017.05

                The innovation of science and technology, showing at Kuala Lumpur

                Zhejiang province building the
                06 2017.04

                made in Zhejiang  BOXN

                BOXN company ten anniversary and the 2016 annual dinner
                04 2017.02

                ten years anniversary,the 2016 annual dinner

                Contact us

                Committed to casting the domestic optimal, the world's leading BOXN brand



                yzl@boxin-china.com(Foreign Sales)

                NO.155 Xi Zi Shan Road,Chunxiao,Beilun,Ningbo,China 315800